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STG Aerospace 在中国设立分支机构

伴随着一家注册地在上海的外商独资企业的设立,STG Aerospace 宣告已经正式进驻中国。

这一举措反映了STG Aerospace对中国市场的重视。中国分支机构的设立,使得STG Aerospace可以向saf-Tglo™ 和 saf-Tsign™ 产品日益增加的中国客户提供更高水平的服务,这些客户包括了东方航空,南方航空,海南航空,深圳航空等。进驻中国,也使STG Aerospace可以在发展客舱照明系统的过程中,定制针对中国乘客需求和口味的解决方案。




Nigel Duncan, STG Aerospace CEO and Stuart Gorman, Trade and Investment Manager.


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“STG Aerospace liTeMood® system provided the product benefits, low cost and technical advantages we were looking for to enhance our B737NG cabin interiors, and simultaneously providing our customers with the best cabin ambience experience.” Freek Van De Pal, Manager maintenance & Engineering, Arkefly

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STG Aerospace products are installed in over 11,000 aircraft, over one-third of the world’s passenger fleet. STG Aerospace understands the challenges faced by OEMS, working with Boeing, Embraer, BAE Systems, Fokker and Saab.