liTeMood®  Frequently Asked Questions

The information contained in these FAQs is to provide introductory guidance only. If a system is to be installed in an airworthy manner, the full TC or STC approved installation instructions should be followed. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

Yes, liTeMood® has been developed to be a simple and cost-effective plug-and-play system which replaces existing fluorescent lighting tubes.

No modifications need to be made: liTeMood® uses existing wiring. 

It would take approximately five hours for two engineers to install. No additional training is required.

Up to 40kg per aircraft.

No, this has the same command and installation features as the incumbent system.

An average of 50% power saving can be achieved over existing fluorescent lighting systems.

Yes, a low-power 28VAC nightlight is contained within every ceiling light assembly.

Yes, light level and colour temperature (ceiling units only) can be adjusted for each individual lighting unit.


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Customer testimonial

“STG Aerospace liTeMood® system provided the product benefits, low cost and technical advantages we were looking for to enhance our B737NG cabin interiors, and simultaneously providing our customers with the best cabin ambience experience.” Freek Van De Pal, Manager maintenance & Engineering, Arkefly

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