liTeMood® LED Reading Light

Beautifully balanced precise lighting for increased passenger comfort.


The tamper-proof module simply locks into the existing incumbent OEM housing with no need to remove the light fitting or PSU.

liTeMood® Reading Lights are an affordable drop-in replacement for standard Boeing 737NG and most recent 757 incandescent reading lights.

Featuring a unique patented square beam lighting profile, our liTeMood® Reading Lights are designed with passenger comfort in mind. The even and precise light distribution improves visibility across the seating area without spilling over to neighbouring passengers, creating a more restful, private space and greater sense of personal control.


PAX Award Winner


STG Aerospace is the proud winner of the ‘Best Cabin Interior Passenger Experience Enhancement’ category with its revolutionary square-beam liTeMood® LED Reading Lights.

A solution that fits right in

  • - No need to remove the existing reading light chassis from the passenger service unit — the simple, drop-in optical module can be retrofitted in minutes, meaning an entire aircraft can be upgraded in just a few hours.
  • - Low risk, low cost solution: uses the existing interface, no crew training needed.

Minimised risk

  • - Over 10x more reliable than halogen lights, enhancing the passenger experience, reducing operational costs and lowering the thermal burden in the cabin.
  • - A 70% power reduction increases electrical efficiency and frees up available load for other applications.

An improved reading environment

  • - Food looks more appetising and in-flight magazine merchandise more appealing due to the patented photometric design featuring a multi-phosphor LED with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and high R9 (High Quality Red pigment) for excellent visual acuity.
  • - A strict CCT (correlated colour temperature) of 3500 – 4000K informed by research into lighting and sleep patterns creates an enhanced reading environment.

liTeMood® Reading Lights are an affordable drop-in replacement for standard Boeing 737NG and most recent 757 incandescent reading lights.

FAA and EASA approved.

Download a copy of our liTeMood® Reading Light datasheet.


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Customer testimonial

“STG Aerospace liTeMood® system provided the product benefits, low cost and technical advantages we were looking for to enhance our B737NG cabin interiors, and simultaneously providing our customers with the best cabin ambience experience.” Freek Van De Pal, Manager maintenance & Engineering, Arkefly

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