Frequently Asked Questions

The information contained in these FAQs is to provide introductory guidance only. If a system is to be installed in an airworthy manner, the full TC or STC approved installation instructions should be followed. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

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Why change from electrical systems to saf-Tglo®?

Airlines have previously had issues with electrical systems as they are prone to failure or complications, which can result in aircraft being grounded. Reliability is a major requirement when deciding which emergency exit system to use. If saf-Tglo® is there, it works, and requires no maintenance or costly parts.

Why change from seat-mounted systems?

Seat-mounted systems were a response to floor-mounted electrical systems that failed because of excessive traffic or ‘hard knocks'. saf-Tglo® eliminates this issue: our sealed saf-Tglo® system has a robust exterior which has been proven to withstand footfall and trolley traffic. Because saf-Tglo® is a twin-track system, when the carpet needs replacing you only have to replace the section between the two strips of saf-Tglo®. Once installed, saf-Tglo® is durable and cost-effective – saving both time and money.

Why change from other photoluminscent systems?

STG Aerospace pioneered saf-Tglo® in 1995. STG Aerospace is the the world’s expert in the application of photoluminescent emergency lighting in the aviation market. STG Aerospace is the only manufacturer in aviation of photoluminescent systems designed and produced ‘in-house’. STG Aerospace's experts provide honest technical advice to support all customer requirements. 

saf-Tglo® leads the way in design and has done, since photoluminescent emergency floor path marking was first developed for aviation. Our saf-Tglo® system gives the best possible design performance by a fully sealed polycarbonate track. This lightweight product is available in three widths and profiles, with the choice of our PatternMatch™ technology or from a CMF palette. As a sealed system, spillages and everyday dirt ingress are not an issue. Other key design features include the ability to conceal carpet edges, edge to edge colour and a range of finishes available.

STG Aerospace provides full through life capability. Whatever your requirements, our in-house expertise will support you through the whole process, from initial design to ongoing maintenance. Please contact us if you require support.

saf-Tglo® is simply cut to length and installed using the same double-sided tape that is used to install the carpets. The latest generation of saf-Tglo® (SSUL-X) is even easier to install, with cut guides and an online installation guide (available via QR code on back of track). saf-Tglo® SSUL-X can also be supplied as a custom configured upgrade kit.

There are some simple rules that must be followed: 

1. The photoluminescent strips must be installed at floor level along both sides of the main passenger aisle(s) with no significant breaks in the lines.
2. The saf-Tglo® system must be combined with the more typical battery-powered low- level exit markers to create a so-called 'hybrid' system. 
3. The saf-Tglo® system is mounted on the floor below the seat armrests or adjacent to the cabin structure (galleys, lavatories, cabinets, etc.). 
4. At each over-wing exit, an outboard spur must be installed to provide additional guidance to the evacuating passengers.

You will need to perform a lighting check to ensure that cabin lighting on your aircraft is sufficient to charge the saf-Tglo®. We have designed the STC so that the minimum lighting level is easy to achieve with even the oldest fluorescent lighting systems.

To operate a saf-Tglo® system you need to set the cabin lights to bright and perform a system charge at the start of the day. The charge time depends on the aircraft type. Typically it is undertaken while the aircraft is being prepared for the day's operations and does not impact on the operational timings as the charge times are so short.

Unlike electrical systems, saf-Tglo® does not require any power supply. This reduces the amount of battery packs required on board and the associated cost to the enviroment. As a company, we reduce the amount of waste by re-using components where we can and recycle what we are able to.

The saf-Tglo® system charges by any light source: cabin, daylight, etc. Once all light sources have been removed, the saf-Tglo® discharges (glows) over many hours to indicate the aisle path in any dark cabin emergency situation.

With 60 approved colours (including market’s first red daylight) and over 300 available in the SSUL-X palette, as well as our Colourmatch™ system, STG Aerospace will be able to find the right colour for your cabin interior.

Yes, we offer PatternMatch™, a unique pattern matching innovation. This has been developed in response to customer requests. We are able to provide a sample of PatternMatch™ if you can supply a small amount of the carpet used on board your aircraft. For more details click here.


Yes, saf-Tglo® Signage are a direct tritium replacement offering significantly lower purchase and through-life costs.

Yes, saf-Tglo® Signage meet all military regulations and requirements.

Our non-electrical signs are self-charging. They do not have to be connected to an electrical network, and they can be placed anywhere.

Our saf-Tglo® Signage are maintenance-free, there is no operating costs, providing a highly economical solution to emergency signage.

saf-Tglo® Signage are approximately 85% lighter than equivalent tritium signs.

There is no end of lifespan on saf-Tglo® Signage.

Our high-quality signs do not fade and continue to work effectively for the duration of their installation.


Yes, liTeMood® has been developed to be a simple and cost-effective plug-and-play system which replaces existing fluorescent lighting tubes.

No modifications need to be made: liTeMood® uses existing wiring. 

It would take approximately five hours for two engineers to install. No additional training is required.

Up to 40kg per aircraft.

No, this has the same command and installation features as the incumbent system.

An average of 50% power saving can be achieved over existing fluorescent lighting systems.

Yes, a low-power 28VAC nightlight is contained within every ceiling light assembly.

Yes, light level and colour temperature (ceiling units only) can be adjusted for each individual lighting unit.

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