LED Reading Lights for 737 & 757

Beautifully balanced, precise lighting for increased passenger comfort

The award-winning, unique, patented square beam Reading Lights are designed with passenger comfort in mind. The even and precise light distribution improves visibility across the seating area without spilling over to neighbouring passengers, creating a more restful, private space and greater sense of personal control.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the passenger, operators can enjoy a dramatic improvement in reliability, by over 10 times, a 50% power reduction and a simple installation meaning a complete aircraft can be fitted out in just a few hours.

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FAA/EASA Minor Change Approval for Boeing 737 & 757 aircraft


Greater than 100 x traditional incandescent lights

Power Saving

Consumes 70% less power compared halogen systems


Requires no modification to PSU

Minimised Risk

Over 100x more reliable than halogen lights, guaranteeing every passenger on-board a fully reliable reading light.

A 70% power reduction increases on-board electrical efficiency

Improved reliability reduces operational costs and lowers the thermal burden in the cabin.

A solution that fits right in

No need to remove the existing reading light chassis from the passenger service unit — the simple, drop-in optical module can be retrofitted in minutes, meaning an entire aircraft can be upgraded in just a few hours.

Low risk, low cost solution: uses the existing interface, no crew training needed.

An improved reading environment

The patented photometric design features a multi phosphor LED with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and high R9 (high quality red pigment) which renders colours more vividly, making magazines more readable, in-flight meals more enticing, and onboard merchandise more attractive for purchase


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"The operational benefits of this product were immediately visible to each of us, and can now guarantee a fully new, highly reliable reading light to our passengers on-board"

Aurelian Bobei, CAMO Director, Blue Air

"This simple, same-day installation will provide years of benefits to our VIP passengers all across the globe".

Alastair Wilson, Director, Titan Airways

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