No Smoking Fasten Seat Belt Replacement Lens

Affordable solutions to modernize Passenger Service Units

A simple retrofit solution for effective messaging on-board 737 and 757 aircraft.

Through a powerful combination of photoluminescent and LED technology, this PSU (Passenger Service Unit) lens removes the need to backlight the No Smoking icon, by moving it to a central position and illuminating the command with blue or green glowing photoluminescence, ensuring the sign is always visible even in low light and dark conditions.

The patented PSU lens is a simpler more contemporary retrofit solution that can be customised to provide effective on-brand messaging to all passengers on-board.

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Simple Installation

A simple, click-in process

Increased Reliability

Upgrade incandescent back-light source to LEDs greater than 10x reliability 

Improved light quality

LEDs give a modern appearance

Fully Customisable

Create your own icon in the left panel

Complete the modernisation process

To complete the modernisation process, we offer direct, filtered white LEDs to illuminate the NSFSB sign and have also developed a square beam reading light that improves customer experience and drastically cuts unit temperature, saving you money on bulb replacement in the long run.

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