Our Story

How we became a global player in Aerospace lighting...

STG Aerospace was born in 1995. To be successful in a market saturated with great global players – we needed a point of difference. We found it in our innovation focus. See our timeline below, including many industry firsts!…


Ourstory 1995 saf-Tglo 2nd option.jpg

The Start

An incident in Manchester, UK, highlighted a critical need for escape lighting on aircraft. We set up with a vision of making flying safer and invented the first photoluminescent emergency exit systems for aircraft (saf-Tglo®). This technology remains the core of our business today.


Our story 2000 Boeing.jpg

Boeing & Embraer

With our then novel photoluminescent technology, we started supplying Boeing & Embraer. These trailblazing OEMs saw the benefits of our technology and following airline requests, started to line fit it. saf-Tglo® has since become the preferred choice for Emergency Exit Systems on the B737, B757 and B777 Boeing platforms.


Ourstory 2005 Colours.jpg

Glorious Colour

We were the first to introduce a range of saf-Tglo® daylight colours, as part of our saf-Tglo® floor path marking range to complement cabin interiors.


Ourstory 2007 signage.jpg

It’s a sign!

From our photoluminescence saf-Tglo® floor path marking technology we developed a signage solution for progression signs or to aid passenger guidance. Initially branded as saf-Tsign®, now called saf-Tglo Signage®.


Ourstory 2008 Queens Awards.jpg

The Award goes to…

With innovations to saf-Tglo® range and increasing sales around the world, we won 4 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and Innovation.


Ourstory 2010 liTeMood.jpg

Let there be LED light

We introduced our second core technology, LED lighting, to complement our existing photoluminescent expertise. Launching our retrofit cabin lighting system, liTeMood® for Airbus and Boeing platforms.


Ourstory 2016 saf-Tglo Blu.jpg

It’s blu!

Pioneered a patented blue glow solution for photoluminescent emergency exit systems, saf-Tglo® blu. A contemporary blue glow (compared to traditional green glow), that provides optimum cabin appearance and maintains all passenger safety requirements. 


Ourstory 2019 saf-Tglo SSUL-X first red.jpg

Red alert

We introduce the industry’s first red photolum daylight colour, as part of our latest generation saf-Tglo® SSUL-X™ range. A daylight colour previously thought impossible!


Ourstory 2021 saf-Tglo SSUL-X KLM Launch Customer.jpg

Launch Customer for saf-Tglo® SSUL-X

KLM  announced as launch customer for saf-Tglo® SSUL-X. It is even easier to install and has a host of aesthetic customisation options to complement the cabin environment.


Ourstory 2022 saf-Tglo SSUL-X11.jpg

How narrow?

Introducing saf-Tglo® SSUL-X11 the narrowest width floor path system yet. Just 11mm wide!  This narrower width makes a huge difference to help open up the cabin design.


Ourstory 2022 HUT.jpg

Perfect Synergy

We were acquired by Heads Up Technologies (HUT). They deliver lighting innovations to improve pilot and passenger experience for the business aviation market. Combining the expertise and products of both companies makes an exciting solution set to support OEM and operators across the entire aviation market.


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