Universal Lighting

Smart & dynamic lighting for OEMs

Dynamic Lighting

Drawing on our extensive experience of upgrading cabin lighting for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, we  identified the need for smart, dynamic lighting. 

This provides OEMs with fully immersive customised lighting solutions to help operators offer a personalised experience to their passengers.

Small Footprint

Single aisle long haul operations are becoming more common, with passengers expecting the wide body experience in a narrower fuselage. Our universal suite of system components delivers the fullest dynamic lighting experience, from the smallest hardware footprint to ease the cabin, monument and seat integration.


All core functions including power conversion, LED drivers, data processing are embedded in the Central Command Unit to drive a variety of Application specific Light Units.


System can be reconfigured in service through STG’s unique wireless protocol. Fully compatible with the following aircraft interfaces:

  • Control
  • CIDS
  • CAN bus
  • RS485
  • Discrete

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