Emergency Floor Path Marking

The highest performing, lightest and narrowest floor path marking system

saf-Tglo is the market-leading photoluminescent floor path marking system, chosen by numerous aircraft OEMs and installed on over 12,000 aircraft worldwide.  It’s easy to fit, completely sealed, hard wearing, long lasting, low weight, low maintenance and certified for installation on virtually every type of aircraft.

With no electrical power source needed, saf-Tglo® is 100% reliable.The system simultaneously stores and emits light, providing a highly visible emergency exit path after just a short charging period during normal cabin lighting. For more insight, please view our animated installation video below.

We have also produced the world’s first blue glowing marking system.

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FAA, EASA and CAAC approved for over 80 aircraft models

Charging Time

5 to 45 minutes, depending on aircraft type


Up to 21 hours approved dark duration

Unlimited Lifespan

No test coupon required - unlimited lifespan

Choose from 3 profiles

Galley and textile systems available in the thinnest profile on the market (2.25mm)

Robust and reliable design

Installation accessories available; tapes, foam, OverCarpet etc.

Choose from 2 widths

Narrowest system available on the market.

All systems protected by a unique patented design.

Completely sealed – no risk of fluid ingress.

Choose from 300 daytime colours

Whilst saf-Tglo is only available in two glow colours, during the daytime you have over 300 to choose from.  You can choose to have your safety marking system ‘hidden until needed’ by letting us match the design to the surrounding carpet or you can make a feature of the system by selecting a colour that will stand out.  Choose a colour that compliments your branding to further increase cabin aesthetics, without compromising safety or choose a colour that makes the system more readily visible to give passengers an added sense of security.



Using PatternMatch® technology, we can match the daytime colour and pattern to the surrounding flooring, be it carpet or wooden, meaning that your safety guidance system is hidden until needed.

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“We were delighted by the ease with which the saf-Tglo® SSUL and liTeMood® systems were installed and by the transformative effect they have had on our 757’s cabin lighting".

Yann Poudoulec, EVP Technical of DreamJet trading as La Compagnie

Icelandair has over 13 years’ experience with saf-Tglo® and over the whole of that time the performance of the system has been excellent – high reliability, low maintenance cost, a great look even after 10 years in service & good product support from STG

Thordur Sigfusson, Icelandair’s CVE Structures and Interior & Program Manager

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