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Fixed Wing

Our Photoluminescent and LED technologies combine to offer a comprehensive range of lighting solutions. Whether it is EEMS (Emergency Egress Marking Systems) for Part 25 Large Aircraft and Part 23 Small Aircraft or cabin lighting for Part 25 cabins, we offer a range of products to meet your cabin needs.

Cabin Lighting

Using our LED lighting expertise we have developed cabin lighting solutions that span retro-fit for main cabin lighting, lavatory and galley lighting, business class seating and accent or feature light options. All available with our section addressable technology.  For more details click here

Photoluminescent Product Options

Photoluminescent materials have been carefully formulated for Floor Path Marking (FPM), Progression Signs, and for use in aesthetic and informational displays. Our patented blue and green glow options are available across the range to offer lightweight, sustainable alternatives to electrical and radioactive products.

Photolum materials are extremely adaptable and can be tailored to meet your cabin Colour Material Finish (CMF) needs. Be it a custom shape sign, a stream line strip to highlight cabin features, or our PatternMatch™ and BrandMatch™ customisation services, we will work with you to meet your cabin needs. Click here for more information. 

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Our photoluminescent signage is an easily customised alternative to LED signage. Line-fit at a range of helicopter OEMs, signs can be customised in shape to meet the install envelope. Our extensive print capability means that signs with a range of messages can easily be produced. For example, dual language exit signs, USES (Universal Symbolic Exit Signs) or Running Man, yellow and black striped bands, handle highlights and window markers.

Our materials are lightweight, durable and need no wiring or back-up power sources. Suitable for use both inside the cabin and on the exterior of the rotorcraft.

The Universal Lighting product range is a great addition to cabins, offering high quality dynamic lighting within compact light units.

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Our suite of high-quality LED lighting create a complete lavatory system. High CRI, tunable white light is used around mirrors for high colour accuracy and passenger comfort. Ambient lighting can be provided in a range of colours to add visual interest within the confined space or to reflect the stage of flight, for example dimmer warm tones within rest periods.

Our fittings are available in a range of lengths, both rigid and flexible units and options for both 115VAC and 28VDC power. 

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We provide a range of lighting solutions to cover ambient, feature and task lighting within galley and hospitality areas. Whether it is high quality, high intensity white light to illuminate work surfaces for crew activities or dynamic lighting to form part of the passenger experience. Our lighting can be used to create dramatic, brand representative displays or softer, neatural effects to match the requirements of each stage of flight.

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Both our LED and photoluminescent technologies offer unique capability for use within business class seats.

The Curve™ LED flexible light can be used in multiple install locations to provide both ambient and task lighting. It's flexible form and small space envelope make it ideal for use around curved geometries. Our section addressable technology means dynamic light scenes can be used to incorporate airline's brand colours in animated effects. By varying the light intensity between sections, consistent light washes can be created around footwells and toe kicks while only using one light unit.

Photoluminescent materials have been formulated to meet the specific needs of both business class and economy seating. Available in both our patented blue and green glow colours, we now offer power socket surrounds, photolum plaques suitable for use as business class seat idents and logo displays and thinner decal materials for economy informational signage. All our materials can be cut to shape and can include custom prints, with no tooling requirements. Photolum offers a sustainable, light weight alternative to LED options that removes the need for wiring and electrical power sources.

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