Emergency Floor Path Marking


Emergency Exit Photoluminescent Guidance Marking

STG Aerospace designed, developed and certified the first patented photoluminescent floor path marking system in 1995 to address the regulatory requirements for emergency evacuation of passenger cabins. Continued design and development have led to the highest performing, most durable and aesthetically appealing product in the market.

With no electrical power source needed, saf-Tglo® is 100% reliable.  The system simultaneously stores and emits light, providing a highly visible emergency egress path, after just a short charging period during normal cabin lighting.


Why choose photoluminescent?

100% reliable

If saf-Tglo® is there, it works! Elimates AOG when installed and maintained as per product instructions.

Unlimited life

Long life reduces maintenance and operational costs. Replaced upon condition only.

Self charging

A short charge via the cabin lighting during aircraft preparation, prior to the first flight of the day.

Simple to install

A simple 'cut, seal, stick' installation (1 hour install for typical single aisle).

Minimal maintenance

No test coupons or ongoing maintenance required for the continued airworthiness of STG systems.

Sealed assembly

Creates a water tight assembly, preventing fluid ingress damage and staining. 

Protective coating

saf-Tglo® is highly durable and designed to withstand the most harsh cabin environments.

Two glow colours

saf-Tglo® has been designed to complement the aesthetics of cabin designs and is available in green glow colour or our patented blue glow option. 


Camouflage or Contrast

Using PatternMatch® technology, we can match the daytime colour and pattern to the surrounding flooring, be it carpet or wooden, meaning that your safety guidance system is hidden until needed.  Alternatively, using BrandMatch® technology, you can make a feature of your safety guidance system.  We offer over 300 daytime colours to match our photoluminescent path marking system to your brand colours and can also print brand logos or assets onto the strips.

We have worked extremely hard to ensure that we can improve cabin aesthetics without compromising passenger safety.


Emergency Exit Marking Systems

The highest performing photolum emergency floor path marking system.


saf-Tglo® SSUL-X™

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