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Emergency Floor Path Marking


The highest performing photoluminescent floor path marking system

With no electrical power source needed, saf-Tglo® is 100% reliable.

The system simultaneously stores and emits light, providing a highly visible emergency exit path after just a short charging period during normal cabin lighting.

saf-Tglo® is easy to fit, completely sealed, hard-wearing, long-lasting, low-weight, low-cost, low-maintenance and certified for installation on virtually every type of aircraft.

Camouflage or Contrast

Using PatternMatch® technology, we can match the daytime colour and pattern to the surrounding flooring, be it carpet or wooden, meaning that your safety guidance system is hidden until needed.  Alternatively, using BrandMatch® technology, you can make a feature of your safety guidance system.  We offer over 300 daytime colours to match our photoluminescent path marking system to your brand colours and can also print brand logos or assets onto the strips. 

We have worked extremely hard to ensure that we can improve cabin aesthetics without compromising passenger safety.

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