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Premium Material Custom Signage – The only limit is your imagination

Multi-purpose, self-illuminated photoluminescent material for use as signage, logo displays and panel designs. Developed based on customer feedback from Business Class seat and Monument suppliers, our premium material has been created for aesthetic and informational uses.

The multi-purpose self-lit material can be used as signage, branded displays and large format panels. Suitable for use on monuments, cabin dividers, wet areas or in business and first class seats.

This sustainable alternative to LED back-lit signage offers a lightweight solution with no wiring or power source requirements, simple install and minimal maintenance.

Our premium material has been formulated, based on our patented blue and green glow signage, and is available in matt and gloss finishes. Full shape and print customisation is readily available supported by our in-house design team and manufacture facilities.

See where you can use our premium signage for a range of options for different platforms.

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