saf-Tglo® blu

Emergency Floor Path Marking

The world’s first blue glowing photoluminescent floor path marking system

Blending critical safety performance with enhanced interior aesthetics, saf-Tglo® blu illuminates the exit ways with a soothing blue tone that provides optimum cabin appearance without compromising passenger safety.

The award-winning, patented design shifts away from the traditional green glow to an aesthetically pleasing cool blue that harmonises cabin.


For the passenger

  • Improves the cabin environment by removing the safety connotations of the emergency track

  • Enhances the on-board experience by offering a subtle source of ambient lighting during the darkest stages of the flight


Not Just a safety requirement

  • Brand enhancing, complementing airlines colour schemes

  • Blends seamlessly with modern mood lighting systems, creating a uniformity of light throughout the cabin

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Technical Specification


FAA, EASA and CAAC approved for over 80 aircraft models

Charging Time

5 to 45 minutes, depending on aircraft type


Up to 21 hours approved dark duration

Unlimited Lifespan

No test coupon required - unlimited lifespan


ICELANDAIR.png boa.png

"We are excited to be installing such a new and innovative product that will help us improve even further the passenger experience on our newest incoming fleet, the Boeing 737MAX"

Sigurður Ingi Ljótsson, Icelandair’s Industrial Designer

"With saf-Tglo® blu we can now seamlessly blend our brand identity with our cabin aesthetics due to its exclusive blue glow.”

Carlos Alba, BoA’s Avionics Engineer

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