Goodrich chooses STG Aerospace for lighting systems

STG Aerospace will be the standard supplier of photoluminescent (PL) floorpath lighting systems to Goodrich, who will offer the product to new customers requiring such a system.

saf-Tglo™, STG Aerospace’s market-leading PL system , is installed on over 5000 operating aircraft, which means it is fitted on nearly one third of the world’s operating commercial aircraft. The PL floorpath marking systems ‘store’ and simultaneously emit light giving highly visible emergency exit guidance for up to 16 hours in darkness, after a short period of ‘charging’ with normal cabin lighting. 

Peter Stokes, Chief Executive, STG Aerospace said: “STG Aerospace and Goodrich share the vision of setting milestones in innovation of aircraft lighting. Our industry-leading PL floorpath marking system can reduce costs by thousands of dollars on each aircraft on which it is installed. Safety systems are critical but don’t have to be expensive – essential at times when all operators are trying to keep costs low. As a supplier of PL systems to Goodrich, these savings will be easily available to many more operators.”

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