SkyWest selects latest generation floor path marking

We are pleased to announce that SkyWest Airlines has selected our latest generation saf-Tglo® SSUL-X emergency floor path marking for their fleet of Bombardier CRJ200s. 

This product is an upgrade from our legacy saf-Tglo® Super Seal product to the latest SSUL-X generation in three key ways:

  • The look – SSUL-X has edge to edge colour, which eliminates floorboard visibility, reducing view of dirt over lifetime. Plus, it is available in matt finish and patented blue glow.
  • Single multi-model STC – Regardless of aircraft type or width variant chosen, all are included under one STC pack. This simplifies management of continued airworthiness.
  • Unlimited life – SSUL-X is 100% reliable and replaced on condition only. So no test coupons or ongoing maintenance required for the continued airworthiness of this system.

saf-Tglo® SSUL-X is designed to provide a simple upgrade path from older photoluminescent or electrical solutions. It is even easier to install with a ‘cut,seal,stick’ installation (1 hour for B737 with 2 works).

We look forward to the enhanced installation, upgrade and single STC of the saf-Tglo® SSUL-X system,” said Joe Sigg, SkyWest Vice President of Maintenance. “We look forward to harmonizing SSUL-X across our CRJ200 fleet to support an enhanced overall passenger experience.”


About SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines, a subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc., operates through partnerships with United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines, carrying more than 36 million passengers in 2021. Headquartered in St. George, Utah, they have a fleet of over 500 aircraft, connecting passengers to more than 240 destinations throughout North America.

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