STG Bright Lights Series: Megan Parfitt

In our Bright Lights series, we showcase some of our brilliant employees and their experience of working here at STG Aerospace. This time, Megan Parfitt talks about making the leap to a role in STG’s dispatch team and her new-found interest in all things aerospace.

In February 2022, Megan stepped out of her comfort zone and interviewed for a Junior Warehouse Clerk role at STG. With her previous role as a Production Operator at a company that makes batteries for military submarines, moving to the warehouse team for an aerospace company seemed daunting, but she couldn’t be happier with her career change.   

Megan said: “When I first interviewed at STG, there were two roles available including a Production Operator role, which I was doing before, or Warehouse Clerk. I thought I would be a bit out of my depth taking a warehouse job, but when STG offered it to me I thought, ‘you know what, throw yourself in the deep end’ and I gave it a go. Taking the job was the best thing I ever did.”

Since joining the company just under 18 months ago, Megan has been promoted to Dispatch Controller, after her impactful contribution to her team.

June was especially busy at STG, with the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), which has kept every team in the company bustling. The weeks after an event like AIX are often jam-packed with an influx of orders, but even a normal day for the warehouse team requires a lot of rigorous planning to ensure STG’s customers receive their products.

The main focus every day is orders. When we arrive in the morning, we log onto our computers and open our tracking spreadsheet, which has the forecast for upcoming months and our daily report to plan for the day ahead. Once a plan has been made between the team, we allocate the correct parts and stock for each customer, pack it up and organise a courier to transport the products.

Some customers request aircraft certificates to accompany their products, to demonstrate they meet design and compliance standards. So we liaise with our quality team to individually verify the parts, before we ship them to the customer.”

Megan is happy to be part of a close-knit team at STG and always looks forward to going to work and spending time with her colleagues.

There is such a friendly environment at work. Everyone knows one another and says hello when passing. I enjoy growing things, like tomatoes. Last year I had a bumper crop, so brought some tomatoes into the office. We do like our food at STG and there are quite a few keen cooks, so they disappeared in an instant! I had a great response from everyone.”

“There is a lot of employee praise for a job well done at STG, which definitely keeps us motivated. I really like the opportunities STG give us to grow and develop in our roles too, there are training courses available and a lot of support if you have a particular area of interest.”

Always looking ahead to the future, Megan has a keen interest in installation of products on aircraft and ground testing, as well as being more customer facing.

I’m planning to do a few courses and I’d like to develop my skills further. A really great thing about working for STG is the freedom to investigate other avenues within the company. They like to develop existing employees and promote from within, which gives a visible career path.”

Much like many of the employees at STG, Megan has unveiled a new-found passion for aerospace and is looking forward to analysing and comparing the interior cabin fittings when she next boards one!

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