3 new launches at AIX 2022

Most of our customers will know that we never stop innovating, and that we are always looking for ways we can expand our offer, with customer experience, aesthetics and safety consistently at the forefront of our developments. This year is no exception, and we are delighted to introduce innovations across both our core technologies of photoluminescent and electrical lighting.  These new launches include the world’s narrowest and lightest emergency floor path marking, which is a must-see for all passenger experience and cabin design teams.

Introducing the saf-Tglo® SSUL-X11 emergency floor path marking system

Extending our existing SSUL-X range, this new addition offers the narrowest width yet, and at only 11mm. wide, this is a huge leap from the previous narrowest width on the market of 18mm. This narrower option really does make a significant difference to cabin aesthetics, and blends into the cabin design, whilst of course maintaining all passenger safety, including being EASA approved.

New platform-agnostic Universal Lighting capability 

Drawing on our extensive experience of upgrading cabin lighting to Airbus and Boeing aircraft, we’re delighted to introduce our new platform-agnostic Universal Lighting capability. By leveraging our unique dynamic technology, airlines can now offer a more personalised experience to passengers with a full integration of the latest databus standards. This is a system which brings the widebody experience to narrowbody long-haul operations.

Business Jets Emergency Exit System

Yet another new addition to our portfolio, this is a new emergency exit system package for business jet and small fixed wing aircraft (CS23). Previously for these aircraft, there has been little choice in how companies are able to meet the regulated requirements for passenger Emergency Exit Systems.  Such systems have given little consideration to combining increasing reliability, reducing weight and power while keeping premium aesthetics in a VIP cabin.

The new STG emergency exit system provides a better way. saf-Tglo® provides full customisation options to make your interiors unique.

Using our PatternMatch® technology, you can match the daytime colour and pattern of the wall or floor, be it signage or floor path marking. The advantage here is that you are able to match a variety of finishes, including wood, leather or flooring vinyls, and carpet. Your safety guidance system is then hidden until needed, while maintaining all passenger safety and product durability requirements. Not only that, but it’s also:

  • Self-illuminating. No wiring, batteries or power consumption required.

  • Has automatic activation. No switch needed, just illuminates when needed. Suitable for a range of applications, including progression signs, CS23 Exit Locators, operation instruction placards and window exit markers.

  • Available in STG’s unique blue glow. saf-Tglo® has been designed to complement the aesthetics of cabin designs and is available in both green glow or patented blue glow option.

If you’d like to experience any of our new innovations, we’d be delighted to show you, either in-person or virtually. Just get in touch with us at info@stgaerospace.com.



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