Bell Helicopter chooses STG Aerospace as OEM for cabin signage

The Texas-based military and commercial rotorcraft manufacturer will install saf-Tglo™cabin signage on its B412 utility transport helicopter.

The signs, produced using the same high quality photoluminescent (PL) technology as STG Aerospace’s market-leading floorpath marking systems, will replace a number of heavier electrical signs, improving payload by reducing weight and reducing costs by eliminating the need for batteries and spare parts.

Richard Moore, chief executive of STG Aerospace, said: “This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the many benefits of saf-Tglo™ technology, already recognised by many fixed wing operators, to rotor manufacturers. By offering cost-savings through weight reductions, minimising maintenance and eliminating spares, saf-Tglo™ signage can offer significant through-life savings.”

saf-Tglo™ is an OEM supplier to Boeing, Embraer and all of the new regional jet programmes.

saf-Tglo™ systems function independently of batteries and without wires or bulbs – simultaneously ‘storing’ and emitting high visibility light to provide emergency lighting for up to 16 hours in complete darkness after only a short period of ‘charging’ with normal cabin lights.  They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, are easy to install and can be re-located to match changing cabin configurations without losing any visibility.

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