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Back in 1996, the concept of photo luminescent emergency waymarking for aircraft cabins was finally certified. Before that, photoluminescence was a new but relatively undeveloped technology, and the materials and processes were nowhere near where they needed to be for exacting aerospace safety protocols. In fact, STG were the first on the market with a certified product, having spent a long time developing a system using the highest quality materials. It was in 1995 that they patented their first photoluminescent pathmarking system (saf-Tglo®), which successfully addressed all regulatory requirements.

It’s hard to believe what a radical and creative idea it was in the early days, as, fast-forward to 2022, and photoluminescent emergency waymarking is now ubiquitous, installed across over 12,000 aircraft worldwide. Today, it’s an important and cost-effective part of fitting out existing or new aeroplanes – a combination of 100% reliability and eliminating expensive flight delays due to faults with electrical systems.

With safety the primary concern, STG then turned to developing their product to meet changing industry needs, taking into account cabin design. There was a time when the only colour choice was yellow, and system guide tracks were a mandatory 38mm wide. Now, STG’s latest generation of saf-Tglo®, SSUL-X,  is available in 60 approved colours, and over 300 colours in the full palette, as well as tailored colour, PatternMatch and BrandMatch options. SSUL-X, a full kit to meet emergency exit marking needs, was released during the pandemic, but that didn’t halt a rapid uptake from the industry.

In 2021, STG worked with SSUL-X launch customer KLM, and have just supplied the 100th saf-Tglo® SSUL-X kit.

Business Unit Director for Photoluminescent Products, Sean O’Kell comments, ‘“This latest generation of saf-Tglo® (SSUL-X) is designed to provide a simple upgrade path from any older photoluminescent or electrical emergency exit solution. Not only is it the highest performing, lightest and narrowest floor path marking system; with this generation we have significantly improved the aesthetics too, including launching the first ever daylight red colour. We have continued to evolve and with this generation, it’s a customisable solution that can be tailored to each customer’s unique cabin design requirements. And it’s that customisation that is really resonating with customers. Be that the extensive colour materials finish (CMF) palette, finish or glow colour.” 

“It’s so rewarding that our customers are selecting SSUL-X and the majority are choosing our unique matt finish and patented blue glow options. We are delighted to have reached the 100th kit milestone already. Particularly during these challenges times.” 

“As we at STG Aerospace continue to shape illumination, making flying safer and more cost-effective than ever before, saf-Tglo® SSUL-X and most recently our new gold colour, proves we remain committed to innovation. We’re so excited to be playing our part in taking the aerospace industry forward.”

And true to the company’s ethos, the kit isn’t just a serial number on the procurement list. STG pride themselves on customer service from initial enquiry, to installation fitting, and right through to full-product life support. An ethos that has seen STG well through the difficulties of the past two years. Understanding the needs of Customer Experience, Engineering and Purchasing functions within the industry is a cornerstone of their business and means that, combined with reliability, durability and the best ever aesthetics product, STG are leaders in their field for emergency exit marking.

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