Even in the harshest conditions - African carriers

Two such airlines, Ethiopian and Cameroon, have recently installed saf-Tglo® and commented on the benefits they see.  Ethiopian Airlines said: “We recognize that the installation of saf-Tglo® on our aircraft contributes to saving costs and we continue to regard saf-Tglo® as the ideal low maintenance and cost-effective solution to emergency floorpath marking for our fleet.”

Across the continent, Mr Max Constant Mve, Maintenance Director of Cameroon Airlines, said: "Following our assessment of saf-Tglo® against other systems, we are confident that saf-Tglo® is the best product for retrofit to our aircraft to deliver low maintenance costs and long-lasting reliability. At the same time, it is the final solution to one of our Civil Aviation Authorities security requirements. We are confident we will see the benefits of the system both in the short and the long term."

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