Icelandair begins upgrading its Boeing 757 fleet to STG Aerospace’s next generation saf-Tglo® system

Currently, all of Icelandair’s 757 aircraft are equipped with the saf-Tglo® SuperSeal Lite™ (SSL) system but now, following the granting of EASA approval in December last year, the airline has selected SSUL for the latest four aircraft additions to the fleet and plans to retrofit  existing planes  later this year for scheduled cabin upgrades on existing planes.

First launched by STG Aerospace in 1995, saf-Tglo® is the system of choice for over 300 global airlines and is currently installed on 9,000 aircraft worldwide. SSUL, which incorporates all of the benefits of previous designs, is 70% lighter than the previous version, helping to reduce airline fuel costs even further, and 17% brighter. Indeed, SSUL is the highest performing photoluminescent floorpath marking system available and, with its reduced profile, is an optimal match for modern light weight carpets. It has a one-piece design, with no end caps, meaning that it can be cut to length and sealed during installation, a process that can be easily carried out by an airline’s own engineering team.

With over 300 colour options and a unique pattern matching service available, saf-Tglo® SSUL enables airlines to achieve aesthetically pleasing, co-ordinated cabin interiors in line with their corporate branding without reducing safety. In addition, carpet edges can be concealed with the OverCarpet polycarbonate housing option that features a hinged-wing design and removes the need for carpet binding, saving additional cost and enhancing even further the appearance of the cabin.

Available on short lead times, saf-Tglo® SuperSeal UltraLite™ has now been approved for Boeing 737s, 747s, 757s and 767s as well as the Airbus A320 series.

Thordur Sigfusson, Icelandair’s CVE Structures and Interior & Program Manager,commented: “Icelandair has over 13 years’ experience with saf-Tglo® and over the whole of that time the performance of the system has been excellent – high reliability, low maintenance cost, a great look even after 10 years in service, and good product support from STG Aerospace. We had no hesitation in selecting the new saf-Tglo® SSUL system for the new 757s we were adding to the fleet and we plan to do the same for two upcoming cabin upgrades. Icelandair is the largest 757 operator in Europe and based on our experience with STG Aerospace, we would recommend saf-Tglo® SSL and SSUL to anyone who is looking for photoluminescent emergency lighting”.

Marcus Williams, STG Aerospace Sales & Marketing Director, added: “It is highly gratifying for us that such a long-standing customer as Icelandair has decided to adopt our latest version of saf-Tglo®. Their decision is an important validation of our commitment to developing research-based cabin lighting solutions and constantly seeking to deliver an enhanced product offering”.

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