New photo shoot highlights dramatic effect of STG Aerospace cabin lighting

Arkefly, the Dutch charter airline and member of the TUI group, was the first airline to install a liTeMood® LED retrofit system on a Boeing 737NG. Versatile, programmable, easily installed and easily operated, liTeMood® features significantly increased reliability over traditional lighting systems, thereby reducing ongoing maintenance costs. It also delivers important operational and environmental benefits. liTeMood® is 30-40kg lighter than fluorescent lighting on 737 and 757, with further savings available on larger platforms.

Yet despite its simplicity, liTeMood® incorporates some of the latest research into the effects of ambient lighting on the physical and emotional wellbeing of passengers.

On April 14th 2015, Nigel Duncan, CEO of STG Aerospace, will be speaking at the Aircraft Interiors Expo being held in Hamburg. He will be outlining our commitment to taking a holistic view of the cabin lighting environment. With so many individual components involved – ceiling and sidewall lights, floor path and emergency signage lights, PSU lights and galley lights and more – it takes an overarching vision to ensure not only that every element is performing its own task but that they are working together to create just the right overall ambience.






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