Presenting our latest innovation: saf-Tglo® eco E1™

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2024, we unveiled the world's first sustainable emergency floor path marking system, saf-Tglo® eco E1™. The launch was a pivotal moment for STG, aligning with the sector's goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and we were delighted with the reaction we had from customers and contacts at AIX. This innovative, biodegradable version of our photoluminescent system is an important step in the evolution to more eco-friendly aviation product design.

The eco E1™ floor path marking solution not only enhances passenger safety and cabin aesthetics, it also addresses the urgent need for sustainable alternatives to what is already on the market. Easy to retrofit, airlines and OEMs can implement the solution immediately and make a modest, yet achievable, step towards a greener future.  

The motivation behind the latest product launch directly responds to the industry’s urgent need to become more sustainable. Every firm needs to do its bit to work towards reducing the impact of its activities and choice of products on the environment. Photoluminescent floor path marking is inherently more sustainable than electrical alternatives, which are heavier and need power, and it has been our goal to develop an alternative that uses more sustainable materials.

It took a lot of time and testing to get the product right. From the initial research into sustainable materials, to taking steps to attain two new patents for our innovations. The saf-Tglo® eco E1™ is a result of the dedication of our experts to offering eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on performance, reliability, or the aesthetic of the product.

Key Features of saf-Tglo® eco E1™

The saf-Tglo® eco E1™ system stands out for its environmentally sensitive design, making several significant advancements over alternatives in the range:

-       Recycled material: The new plastic insert is made from 80% post-consumer recycled waste, and the track incorporates 50% recycled polycarbonate.

-       Biodegradable: The product has biodegradable additives to ensure the track will break down if it ends up in landfill, addressing the issue of forever plastics.

-       Water-based resin: The photoluminescent inserts use a 100% water-based resin, eliminating the need for solvents and maintaining consistent emission levels through a controlled manufacturing process.

The STG team has always been proud to lead the way with pioneering advancements in aerospace cabin lighting. Since introducing the first patented photoluminescent floor path marking system in 1995, the company has consistently worked to provide innovative lighting solutions for customers and be one step ahead of industry demands. The launch of the narrowest floor path marking system, saf-Tglo® SSUL-X11™, in 2022 was a notable milestone. Now, the saf-Tglo® eco E1™ continues this legacy, reflecting our unwavering commitment to meeting the industry's evolving needs.

To further support our sustainability efforts, we are working with Ecologi, the UK's leading climate platform and a Certified B Corporation, to plant 5,000 trees, reinforcing our commitment to combating climate change. Going forward, for every length of saf-Tglo® eco E1™ sold, another tree will be planted.

With the introduction of saf-Tglo® eco E1™, we are setting a benchmark for sustainable aviation products, ensuring that the path to safety in cabin interiors is also a path to a more sustainable future.

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