Red Alert: First aircraft floor path system in red

The newest generation of our saf-Tglo® (SSUL-X), is the first aircraft photoluminescent floor path system to boast full edge-to-edge colour and the only one that comes in red daylight colour.

Dr Sean O’Kell, STG Aerospace Business Unit Director, says: “We’re really excited to be launching the world’s first edge to edge red floor marking option. We are already talking to many major carriers about the extensive capability offering of saf-Tglo® SSUL-X, looking at everything from seat markings to branding and PatternMatch.”

This new SSUL-X product builds on STG Aerospace’s proven, market-leading saf-Tglo® range of easy-to-install, environmentally friendly, non-powered photoluminescent floor path marking products, that glow in green or blue and are available for all aircraft types.

O’Kell continues: “With this product, we have listened to customer feedback and sought insight from a variety of key stakeholders, to design a new saf-Tglo® product that is more customisable to each customer’s unique requirements.  This system has:

  • edge to edge colour to eliminate unsightly borders

  • a wider colour range to match airline brands and cabin colour schemes (including red for the first time)

  • a choice of a matt or gloss finish

  • been made even easier to install (under one hour (B737-7800).

“As we at STG Aerospace continue to shape illumination, making flying safer and more cost-effective than ever before, the launch of saf-Tglo® SSUL-X proves we remain committed to innovation. We’re so excited to be playing our part in taking the aerospace industry forward.”

STG Aerospace has a somewhat unique position as we are Tier1 to the OEMs globally and supply over 300 airlines each year, directly or via maintenance organisations, so we talk to everybody, irrespective of the aircraft type and location.

We have EASA DOA, POA and FAA PMA approvals….so we take ideas then design, develop, certify and supply them, all under one roof.

This puts us in a strong position so that when we work on new and interesting projects we can obtain that market feedback from the key stakeholders to ensure we are developing the right products.

If you would like to learn more about this latest generation of saf-Tglo® and how it can be customised to your unique brand requirements, please contact us at

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