Red Cabin Innovation Summit Insights

The Aerospace industry was invited to the Red Cabin Summit in Atlanta, hosted by Delta Air Lines, to discuss the future of cabin interiors in September 2022. Among the OEMs, airlines and suppliers, was STG Aerospace’s Programme Manager, Christopher Beattie…

Christopher Beattie STG Aerospace.jpg

I recently attended the Red Cabin Summit in Atlanta, hosted by Delta Air Lines. I was impressed by the range of speakers who voiced their requirements and what innovations are happening in cabin design.

Workshops, group discussions and panel discussions with speakers from OEMs such as Airbus and Boeing, airlines from Delta to Southwest Airlines, highlighted the following key issues:

  • Accessibility - how as an industry, can we make aircraft more accessible for disabled, visually impaired and deaf communities
  • Sustainability – how does the industry achieve netzero by 2050
  • Improving passenger experience – with changing demographics demanding value and experience.

Of course, as STG Aerospace operates in this sector, this isn’t news to us – we are already helping our customers with improving passenger experience via their emergency exit and cabin lighting requirements. But I was delighted to hear these fundamentally important issues being aired by those at the sharp end of the aerospace industry.

These are important issues that don’t only have a profound impact on our industry, but on everyone across the world. The answers we come up with as an industry, will not only impact the environment, affect employment and prosperity, but the way we live our lives.

They need to be addressed at the highest levels - in boardrooms, in Governments and the certification bodies. So events like this one, organised by Red Cabin, play an important role in exposing the issues for everyone to understand and to help shape the future for aerospace together.

Southwest Airlines put it perfectly: “The key to finding scalable solutions is collaboration”.

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