STG Aerospace announces launch of innovative new saf-Tsign® product

Developed in response to airline demand to increase the visibility and minimise the risk of collision from ground handling vehicles following installation of the APB (Aviation Partners Boeing) B737NG Split Wing Scimitar, visiWing® sees STG Aerospace expanding its lighting expertise outside the aircraft cabin.

Whilst reducing drag to save fuel, the lower blade of the winglet also reduces ground clearance. In order to minimise the risk of ground vehicles collision due to human error, STG Aerospace has developed and patented an innovative solution to reduce the high cost of replacing or inspecting damaged winglets. Using materials already approved by Boeing, visiWing™ is also approved by APB through an official NTO (No Technical Objection) and incorporates STG Aerospace market leading photoluminescent and reflective technologies to ensure maximum visibility in daylight, in the dark when the aircraft is parked and when lit by vehicle headlights.

Marcus Williams, STG Aerospace’s Director of Sales and Marketing, commented: “At STG Aerospace we pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative solutions to solve specific customer problems – in this case the increased ground risk of collision for the fast growing number of airlines adopting the APB Split Scimitar Winglet . Working closely with APB, and supported by their NTO, visiWing™ ensures the enhanced visibility of the winglet in daylight and the dark, reducing the risk and associated high cost of collision with ground vehicles”.

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