STG Aerospace receives STC approvals for its next generation, photoluminescent, emergency floorpath marking system

STG Aerospace first launched saf-Tglo® in 1995. With its unique, patented fully-sealed design that eliminates fluid ingress, saf-Tglo® is a low-cost, low-weight improvement over electrical emergency systems that can reduce maintenance costs by up to 80%. Hard wearing and long lasting, it requires no power source and can be easily retrofitted to almost any aircraft. Indeed, it has been approved and certified for installation on virtually every aircraft type and is the emergency floor path system of choice for over 300 global airlines and 9,000 aircraft worldwide.

SuperSeal UltraLite™ (SSUL) represents the next generation saf-Tglo® product, and incorporates the same benefits of previous designs but is 70% lighter – helping to reduce airline fuel costs – and 17% brighter. The highest performing photoluminescent floorpath marking system available in the market today, saf-Tglo® SSUL features a reduced profile, making it an  optimal match for modern light weight carpets, and a one-piece design with no end caps which means that it can be easily cut to length and sealed during installation.

With over 300 colour options and a unique pattern matching service available, saf-Tglo® SSUL enables airlines to achieve aesthetically pleasing, co-ordinated cabin interiors in line with their corporate branding without reducing safety. In addition, carpet edges can be concealed with the OverCarpet polycarbonate housing option that features a hinged-wing design and removes the need for carpet binding – saving additional cost and enhancing even further the appearance of the cabin.

Nigel Duncan, CEO of STG Aerospace, commented: “Obtaining these STC approvals for saf-Tglo® SSUL is excellent news for us and for the airlines. As an innovator of light in the aircraft passenger cabin, STG is expanding the boundaries of lighting technology to help OEMs, airlines and MROs meet new challenges. SSUL is another great example of this. Building on the outstanding success of our existing saf-Tglo® product range, we have been able to develop a market-changing emergency lighting solution. saf-Tglo® SSUL brings even more benefits to airlines setting a new standard in emergency lighting performance, while meeting the latest and most critical regulatory requirements.”  

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