STG Aerospace takes liTeMood® to new levels with new ancillary cabin lighting products

Successfully installed and currently in service on Air Europa Boeing 737-800s and with a backlog of customer orders for delivery through April, the suite of LED plug and play ancillary lights are a popular choice for airlines currently flying with STG Aerospace’s liTeMood® mood lighting system, to complete the homogenous, controllable and uniform lighting environment throughout the cabin.

Reflecting its holistic approach to cabin lighting, STG Aerospace has carefully designed the ancillary range to deliver a superior consistency of light throughout the cabin while enhancing the passenger experience during the boarding, in-flight and disembarking process. It also provides for an enhanced working environment in the galleys and aisles for the flight crew.

In line with the installation simplicity of liTeMood® mood lighting system, the affordable, aftermarket, plug and play ancillary lights are also easily installed within minutes, without the need for any specialist tools or modifications to the aircraft systems or operational procedures, and comprise of the following;


Over Wing Exit

A direct LED replacement for the incumbent T5 fluorescent tube, the LED replacement has been designed with passenger safety in mind.


Recessed Ceiling, Forward & Aft Entry Lights

Located directly above the entry doors and ceiling of the aircraft, these low profile LED units are designed for an easy retrofit to replace the incumbent light/ballast. Featuring a high CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature), the lighting is designed to create a modern perception of the cabin, from boarding through to disembarking. 


Sidewall Lenses

Designed to work in harmony with the liTeMood® LED mood lighting system, these aftermarket replacement lenses create a uniformity of colour throughout the cabin direct by restoring old yellowing lenses back to their original state.

In late 2015, Air Europa selected liTeMood® for the retrofitting of its fleet of 737-800s in order to create the same passenger experience as that provided on their recently delivered 787s. In addition, the new liTeMood® Over Wing Exit lights together with the Forward & After Entry Lights have now been installed on four of the airline’s 737s.


Nigel Duncan, STG Aerospace’s Chief Executive added: “These new products are all a reflection of the fact that STG Aerospace is not just a market leader in photoluminescent lighting but also a research-driven pioneer and emerging leader of new LED-based, human-centric aftermarket lighting solutions. We believe that every element of aircraft cabin lighting should not only perform its own task but should also contribute to the overall holistic ambience of the total cabin. We’re delighted that Air Europa has taken up our new products so soon after their launch.


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