STG Aerospace wins major contract to supply emergency floorpath lighting for all new-build Embraer aircraft

Having supplied saf-Tglo® to the current generation Embraer aircraft through a Tier 2 contract achieving Tier 1 status with the Brazil-based Embraer is a major milestone for STG Aerospace, adding to the Tier 1 contracts the company already has with leading manufacturers Boeing, Bombardier, SuperJet International and AgustaWestland.

The highly innovative saf-Tglo® product range offers the best in class emergency floorpath lighting solution in terms of performance, design and through-life costs. Currently installed on over 9,000 aircraft worldwide, it is the system of choice for over 300 airlines. Requiring no power source, saf-Tglo® offers a significantly lower cost and lower weight alternative to electrical systems and being charged by ambient lighting, its unique fully-sealed design substantially reduces maintenance and operational costs.

STG Aerospace will be supplying Embraer with both saf-Tglo® SuperSeal Lite (SSL) and its latest next generation system, SuperSeal UltraLite (SSUL), depending on the profile of carpets selected. Both SSL and SSUL are available in different colour options, enabling a dramatic enhancement of cabin aesthetics with no compromise on safety.

In addition to fitting all new-build Embraer aircraft with saf-Tglo®, STG Aerospace is also offering a discounted retrofit program to operators of existing Embraer aircraft to enable them to install the latest production standard systems and help them develop a unified brand image across their fleets.

Marcus Williams, STG Aerospace’s Sales & Marketing Director, commented: “This is excellent news for STG Aerospace in becoming a Tier 1 supplier to yet another major manufacturer. Embraer’s decision to choose saf-Tglo® for their new-build aircraft is a further validation of the product’s pre-eminent position in terms of cost, performance, safety and brand-enhancing cabin aesthetics”.

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