STG Aerospace wins multi-year contract with Boeing

Boeing extended STG Aerospace’s current contract for 737 airplanes by a further ten years, and will continue to benefit from the installation of saf-Tglo™, the market-leading photoluminescent (PhotoLum) emergency floor path marking system, as the line (factory) fit option. Since the start of this contract in 2000 Boeing has installed over 2500 kits as line fit on Next-Generation 737 series airplanes.
Nigel Duncan, chief executive of STG Aerospace, said: “We are proud to provide Boeing with innovative, high quality and proven reliability saf-Tglo™ products. We are delighted that Boeing has chosen to renew our current 737 PhotoLum contract and also extend the contract to include 737 MAX. Boeing customers can benefit from the through-life cost-savings and excellent operational performance of saf-Tglo™ on their airplanes.”
With over 8,000 airplanes fitted worldwide, saf-Tglo™ is a proven non-electrically powered emergency floor path lighting system that reduces costs for OEMs and airline operators. With virtually no maintenance requirements, the product saves airlines valuable time and money while performing a 100% reliable essential safety function.

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