Translating the language of light

STG Aerospace has long been a pioneer of innovative lighting technologies for the aircraft cabin. Indeed, we were the first to develop a photoluminescent floorpath marking system for the aviation market. Since then, we have continued to develop our market-leading saf-TgloTM and saf-TsignTM products whilst also introducing our liTeMood®, plug-and-play, LED cabin lighting system.

Along the way, we have been involved in some highly prestigious, and highly instructive, projects. We supported the largest ever 737 cabin retrofit programme, supplying  one saf-TgloTM kit per day for two years and significantly reducing the airline’s maintenance burden whilst also enhancing its branding. For another customer, we provided our photoluminescent saf-TsignTM products to replace existing tritium signs on 24 aircraft within one month, disposing of all the radioactive materials.

STG Aerospace’s liTeMood® system enables airlines to upgrade a 737 LED cabin lighting installation overnight, using all the original wiring and controls. For one particular client, we installed liTeMood® to replace four different fluorescent systems on a fleet of 23 aircraft, providing a single customer experience across the airline's fleet.

Most recently, STG Aerospace has provided its latest saf-Tglo™ SuperSeal UltraLite® system together with a liTeMood® system on an all-business class 757. It took just two months from receiving the order for all the equipment to be installed during an extremely short ground time.

What have we learned through fulfilling these projects? Firstly that there is no substitute for spending time on the aircraft, with the customer, to fully understand both the technical and the aesthetic parameters of the work required.

But the critical point is that by combining both photoluminescent and LED technologies, we are able to translate our vision of a holistic approach to cabin lighting into reality, ensuring not only that different areas of lighting within the cabin are fully task-optimised but also that they are integrated within an overall cabin aesthetic that enhances both the passenger experience and the airline’s brand identity.   

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