What we learnt at AIX 2024

Dr Sean O’Kell reflects on the 2024 event to distil the key themes

The Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is a major event in the aerospace calendar, with all the latest advancements in aircraft cabin design and technology on show. As the dust settles on another bustling three days of product launches, awards, meetings and market chat in Hamburg at the end of May, Dr Sean O’Kell, Business Unit Director at STG Aerospace, reflects on the 2024 event to distil the key themes.

“AIX is such an important event for us, not just for promoting our own products, but also for taking the pulse of the sector and speaking to our customers face to face about their needs, both now and in the future.


“Last year, there was a real buzz around the rising travel demand after a tough few years. It will come as no surprise that sustainability was the key talking point throughout this year’s event. It will likely continue to be a dominant theme at sector events throughout the rest of this year and beyond.  

“Many of the product launches incorporated more sustainable solutions and seemed to directly follow up on discussions and statements made at AIX 2023, which is a positive step. The only way we can hit net zero by 2050 as an industry is if we all pull together and bring sustainability into every conversation and aspect of the development process. There is no overnight solution. For all OEMs, operators and manufacturers, make incremental changes, together, we can reduce the impact that aerospace has on the environment.

“We launched our own world first product; the sustainable emergency floor path marking (FPM) saf-Tglo® eco E1™, and are delighted with how it was received. In its development, we took a holistic approach and considered the product’s whole lifecycle and every element of the process, when weighing up decisions. For example, one of the improvements is the track is made from 50% recycled polycarbonate. We could have pushed this to 60%, however, by keeping it at 50% we are able to source the materials locally, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the wider supply chain.

“A particularly innovative aspect that makes saf-Tglo® eco E1™ stand out in the market, is that is has a biodegradable additive. This means that the track will break down wherever it is, at the end of its life, even if that is in landfill, thereby removing the issue of forever plastics. Other ‘sustainable’ solutions we have seen rely on products being shipped to recycling schemes, which is hard to control in practice and, where this transportation does occur, it adds to the product’s carbon footprint.

Find out more about saf-Tglo® eco E1™ here.


“In our conversations with customers there was an emphasis on the need for easy-to-install solutions for both FPM and cabin lighting, as existing systems reach their end of life. Airlines need to minimise disruptions to keep their fleets in the air.

“Our products can increase capability and aesthetics at the same time as addressing this issue of obsolescence. For example, STG’s liTeMood® cabin lighting is a plug-and-play programmable system that is fully interchangeable with incumbent lighting, requiring no change to aircraft wiring or control systems. It is also highly reliable and customisable to create a unique, branded feel to cabin interiors.

“Our emergency FPM SSUL-X™ range comes in all industry standard widths and so can fit existing carpet cutouts and, regardless of the aircraft type or width, our products are included under one, multi-model STC pack, reducing maintenance and operational costs. On top of this, more than just a retrofit solution, our photoluminescent FPM offers a lighter, more reliable and sustainable solution, with no power supply and unlimited lifespan, whilst also enhancing cabin aesthetics.

Customer service

“Another key point that came up repeatedly from our conversations at AIX was the need for manufacturers to provide a reliable and proactive support service from start to finish, and ideally, on an ongoing basis.

“Having a great product is just the beginning. The finer details, such as support around holding colour workshops and committing to fixed delivery schedules, are equally important, so that customers are able to refine the product to their exact needs, and get fleets in the air according to their tight deadlines. From industry feedback at AIX, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that with today’s challenges some organisations are losing the ability to react quickly to customer demands and to commit the necessary resources.

“At STG, we commit to looking after our customers throughout the life cycle of our products, from specification through to certification, installation, maintenance and beyond.”

Overall AIX 2024 was another exciting and informative event.  Thank you to all those that visited us and the STG team that supported the event.  Looking forward to doing it all again next year in April!

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